Changes in government regulations are just one of the many reasons healthcare payers and providers are feeling the need for significant change.

Changes in consumer behavior, new competitors, new business models, and regulations are forcing healthcare companies to rethink what they do and how they do it.

Key challenges payer executives are facing:

Regulatory Uncertainty
  • Need to manage "business as usual" while investing in new systems and projects to address new and often changing regulations
Changes in Consumer Behaviors
  • Need to create a more nimble business model that can respond to changes in consumer behavior and preferences
New Competitors
  • New regulations are creating opportunities for new types of healthcare competitors
Big Data
  • Having the tools and capabilities to exploit large quantities of data is imperative to maintain margins and identify new opportunities

The dramatic changes in the healthcare industry are affecting all segments in direct and indirect ways that require methodical and proactive action. The players that adapt will flourish and those that don't will languish and disappear.

DCG's healthcare consultants have helped most of the major healthcare companies in southeast Michigan with projects that range from IT project management to assisting in the development and launch of new products/services.

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