Public Sector

DCG has proven experience at the federal, state, and municipal levels. Our consultants have a thorough mix of public and private sector experience to ensure the right blend of client specific, public industry knowledge with best practices, methodology, and practical solutions from both public and private sectors.

Federal Government

DCG actively provides all core services to the Federal Government. DCG has achieved multiple contract awards and provided services throughout the government including the Department of Defense, Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, Military Health System, and others. Whether it is the convergence of healthcare between the Federal and private sectors or rapidly supporting our valued fighters, we understand the unique and complex challenges facing many Federal agencies.

State Government

Most state governments currently are experiencing severe budget constraints and need to seek solutions that most cost-effectively provide and support delivering required services to citizen consumers. We apply all of our core services to state governments to help achieve cost, quality, and service enhancement. If you need to rethink your entire service delivery model or need support for a specific IT implementation in one area - we are your provider.

Municipal Government

DCG has deep roots in serving municipal governments, and has served municipalities since the firm was founded in 1990. Today's municipal governments are challenged to deliver services in a more cost effective manner as revenue from state and federal sources continues to decrease. Many municipalities must also invest in aging technology infrastructure to stabilize current services. DCG has the right skills to help municipalities cut costs and transform technology infrastructure to deliver services more efficiently.