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DCG actively provides all core services to the Federal Government. DCG has achieved multiple contract awards and provided services throughout the government including the Department of Defense, Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, Military Health System, and others. Whether it is the convergence of healthcare between the Federal and private sectors or rapidly supporting our valued fighters, we understand the unique and complex challenges facing many Federal agencies.

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January 26 - January 30, 2015: Data Consulting Group Succeeds at the IHE North American Connecthaton 2015
Data Consulting Group, representing the United States Health Information Knowledgebase website (AHRQ) for the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), recently participated in the North American 2015 Connectathon which was sponsored by Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE). An IHE Connectathon is a week long, on site testing event during which hundreds of developers and health information technology professionals test a vast array of technology solutions from across the health information technology arena. This year's Connectathon took place in Cleveland, Ohio, from January 26 - January 30, 2015.

July 27, 2011: AHRQ: United States Health Information Knowledgebase Support (USHIK) Contract
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has awarded a multi-year contract to Data Consulting Group, Inc. to maintain the USHIK (United States Health Information Knowledgebase) website (http://ushik.ahrq.gov External Link)...

May 7, 2010: National Institutes of Health Blanket Purchase Agreement
The National Institutes of Health, NIH, has awarded a Blanket purchase Agreement, BPA, to Data Consulting Group Inc. The BPA is to provide of Project Management, Information Assurance/Management, and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions and support Services...