Financial Services

The financial services industry continues to be one of the most rapidly changing and most regulated sectors of the economy. More than any other industry, local changes affect the sector globally. Financial services companies face both internal and external challenges which requires solutions to be counterbalanced to be successful (e.g. margin improvement vs. customer service vs. regulatory compliance).

Key challenges affecting the financial services industry include:

Creating Customer-Focused Models
  • Both internal and customer-facing processes need to be simplified and rationalized to create an improved user experience at a lower cost
Optimizing Channels
  • Integrating channels and optimizing online and social media strategies
Exploiting Big Data
  • Successful companies will create and maintain the capabilities to take advantage of large amounts of data
Fostering Innovation
  • Innovation in all dimensions will be critical for differentiation and sustaining margins
Managing Risk and Regulations
  • Winners will need to develop an integrate and proactive approach to managing risk and regulations into their operating models

DCG has extensive experience assisting Financial services companies improve their operations in the following areas:


In order to produce a steady, growing revenue stream and maintain acceptable margins, banks everywhere face a constant set of operational and strategic challenges:

  • Improving operational efficiency constantly
  • Ensuring compliance with a myriad of regulations
  • Understanding and capitalizing on technological advances
  • Reacting to changes in consumer preferences nimbly
  • Leveraging data to drive better products and customer service levels
  • Ensuring adequate electronic security as business channels evolve and become more interconnected

DCG can provide consulting services to help banks with all of these challenges and position them to meet their business goals. From working with senior executives on business strategy to implementing single projects within specified time and budget constraints, DCG consultants can provide the right mix of skills to achieve your objectives.

Consumer Finance

The consumer finance industry has been seriously challenged over the past several years by systemic credit shortages, suppressed consumer demand, and intensified competition from non-traditional players. The institutions that have weathered this period are the ones with the demonstrated abilities to react to changes in consumer preferences, adapt to changing sales channels, and manage operations to ensure efficient results.

Our consultants can help your company continue to excel and to take advantage of emerging opportunities. DCG has years of experience providing consumer finance firms with advisory services, project management, and IT support, and can quickly design and deliver initiatives that meet your specific needs.