Automotive Manufacturing

The complex global environment is forcing automotive manufacturers to continuously re-examine their customers, markets, product portfolios and internal processes. Manufacturers in the automotive sector face shifting customer demand and, increasing cost pressure and competition.

In addition to serving automotive clients, many DCG management consultants have experience working directly for automotive OEMs and suppliers. Our deep understanding of the automotive sector enables us to advise you on operational, technical and business solutions.

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Key challenges automotive executives are facing:

Managing Shifting Growth of Profits
  • Profit growth will continue to move from established to emerging markets
  • Need to re-allocate current investments (e.g. production and supply cases) to new markets and products/services
Managing Margin Pressures
  • Prices are stagnating while costs continue to increase
  • Increased need for re-use of common vehicle platforms while investing in new powertrain technologies
Competing in a Changing Competitive Landscape
  • Increased need for consolidation and reduction of overcapacity
  • Increasing importance of China
Addressing Regulations
  • Increasing regulatory pressures
  • Increasing costs to achieve and report on regulatory requirements (for example, emission standards)

Case Studies

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Project Description

  • An automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) sought to improve interaction with dealers. These interactions were cumbersome and inefficient as dealers had to dial into a mainframe network and access each system separately. Additionally, both dealer network and OEM struggled with visibility into key warranty and service parts data.
  • DCG was engaged to improve the client’s interaction with dealers specifically related to service parts and warranty claim processing.

Project Approach

  • Performed cost/benefit analysis, performed stakeholder analysis, and defined business requirements
  • Developed and migrated client to a real-time, internet-based, client-server configuration
  • Implemented a solution that allows dealers seamless access to data on multiple legacy mainframe systems while adhering to client's System Development Lifecycle standards
  • Performed change management and training both at OEM and within the dealer network

Project Benefits

  • Reduced overall technology operating cost through a centralized and streamlined environment
  • Provided dealers with better and timelier access to warranty and service parts data

Project Outcome

  • DCG enabled the client to significantly improve productivity and service to dealers.
  • The client improved the speed and effectiveness of factory to dealer communications.