Water / Sewerage

Water and sewerage utilities are currently facing significant challenges with price volatility, cost effectiveness and financial instability stemming from municipal relationships.

Several municipalities have had to divest (or are considering a divestiture of) city water and sewerage departments to solve pension funding or deficit issues. Others are focused on improving process efficiencies and technology systems to reduce operating costs.

Key challenges water and sewage utilities are facing:

Managing Economic Uncertainty
  • Economic and financial instability causing slow economic growth
Allocating Scarce Resources
  • Decreased availability of adequate water resources
  • Increasing concerns about new and emerging contaminants
  • Greater need for resource optimization
  • Shifting of demand from move of population and industrial base to Southern and Western states
Upgrading Aging Infrastructure
  • Increasing capital needs to replace and upgrade water and sewerage infrastructure
Finding Qualified Resources
  • Aging workforce and competition for skilled technical resources require new approaches to attract qualified resources
Addressing Regulations
  • Increasing water quality/quantity protection standards

DCG has deep expertise in supporting water and sewerage utilities. Our understanding of your business enables us to advise you on operational, technical and business solutions.

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Case Studies

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Project Description

  • A large municipal water utility sought to drive operational efficiency in anticipation of being divested to become an independent regional water utility. Legacy systems were unstable, had very high maintenance cost, and were no longer supported by the original product vendor.
  • DCG was engaged to replace legacy systems and enable improved work management and asset management.

Project Approach

  • Supported development of functional requirements and package selection activities
  • Partnered with a large global software vendor to implement a new work and asset management module
  • Facilitated process design workshops, developed future state requirements, and performed system configuration encompassing maintenance and repair, fleet management, material management, plant operations, meter operations, accounting and procurement functions
  • Led testing, training and communication activities
  • Performed technical development and integration with adjacent legacy systems

Project Benefits

  • Support for work order transactions and asset management as an independent utility
  • Enhanced performance and reliability of systems and asset portfolio
  • Improved preventative equipment maintenance planning
  • Improved accuracy of asset accounting and tracking

Project Outcome

Through DCG’s support, the client successfully replaced its legacy system with a new work management and asset management package. Through this implementation, the client was able to more efficiently manage asset lifecycles, streamline maintenance operations, maximize supply chain performance, enhance safety, and improve regulatory compliance.