Independent Validation & Verification

Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V) is a process, independent of the development organization, used to assure that the products of a system development activity meet the requirements and that the delivered system:

  • Satisfies the user needs
  • Are well engineered
  • Conform to accepted industry practices
Verification ensures that...
  • Standard procedures and practices are followed
  • Requirements are verified
  • Development products are evaluated against defined requirements
  • Deliverables are examined to ensure that they are accurate and are delivered in a timely fashion
Validation ensures that...
  • All requirements are adequately tested or demonstrated
  • That test results meet expectations and can be repeated

Our IV&V approach provides real benefits to our clients:

  • Enhanced objectivity of system development assessments
  • Improved user requirement compliance
  • Earlier identification of problems in the lifecycle
  • Increased requirements and design traceability
  • Improved maintainability and reliability
  • Increased understanding of and response to risks
  • Reduced risk

DCG advisors perform independently from your development environment ensuring that the results of the validation and verification activities are an objective, standalone assessment. Also, our IV&V advisors have the experience, certifications and knowledge needed to stand "toe-to-toe" with developers at formal reviews and walkthroughs.

We work closely with our sponsors and the systems engineering function to tailor our IV&V approach to the specific target systems, thusly determining the appropriate level and extent of testing so that recommendations are timely and easily incorporated into project deliverables.