Infrastructure / Architecture

Even the best applications cannot deliver value unless they are deployed in an environment that is safe, secure, and scalable. Without having these elements in place, you could be facing serious risks including:

  • Data loss
  • Security breaches
  • Unacceptable application performance
  • Lack of application availability
  • Inability to meet business requirements
  • Being "trapped" without an affordable upgrade path
  • Inability to react to changes in usage patterns
  • Dramatic increases in maintenance costs as hardware ages
  • Inability to take advantage of new alternatives for infrastructure hosting

DCG can help your organization minimize these risks by taking a proactive approach to the design of your IT architecture and environments. To minimize these risks application design, application architecture and infrastructure planning need to be delivered cohesively, with a common long-term vision. This approach will maximize the efficiency and flexibility and result in a less expensive and an easier to maintain application environment.

Our Infrastructure/Architecture services include:

Infrastructure Assessments To ensure your infrastructure strategy aligns with the business goals in the short, medium and long term
Applications Assessments Our advisors can also help your organization develop an application strategy that aligns with your corporate goals and changes in the industry
Security and Network Assessments We have the expertise to evaluate your network architecture and security to help safeguard your data and systems
Architecture Design, Development and Implementation Once the requirements and gaps are identified our advisors can help your team develop and implement an architecture roadmap to meet your short-term and long-term requirements

Case Studies

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Project Description

  • DCG was engaged to manage the installation of the networking infrastructure for a new hospital.
  • DCG led a team consisting of client employees and Vendor resources through the implementation of a platinum networking solution with 99.9% uptime in the new hospital.

Project Approach

  • Planning
    • Planned and managed project kick-off
    • Performed data collection interviews
    • Created project plan
    • Worked with Vendor to create a high-level network design
  • Implementation and Monitoring Plan
    • Worked with Vendor to develop detailed network design
    • Developed and managed the implementation of required hardware configuration changes
    • Identified metrics, established targets, and developed a dashboard and measurement plan for monitoring the process going forward
  • Implementation, Monitoring, and Continuous Improvement
    • Established project governance structure and project management standards
    • Installed networking equipment

Project Benefits

  • Platinum level network capable of handling the hospital's current and future data needs without interruption 99.9% of the time
  • Created network management and deployment processes that will save the health system time and effort on future networking projects

Project Outcome

  • DCG enabled the client to successfully implement the new networking infrastructure on time and within budget.
  • The client implemented performance metrics to support the monitoring and improvement of network quality and performance.