Appropriate security of information and IT resources is a critically important aspect in the success of any organization. DCG understands the evolving security challenges, regulations and the importance they have, as well as the fact that an organization may not have unlimited resources to devote to security. DCG employs a comprehensive approach to IT Security to identify security vulnerabilities across an organization and to address these in a practical, cost-efficient way.

DCG will help you understand the current state of your organization's IT Security and provide assistance to help you make informed decisions about security investments. We can also partner with you to develop tailored solutions that meet your company's requirements in the most cost effective way.

Our Security services include:

Vulnerability Management Assess end-to-end security vulnerabilities, improvement recommendations. Develop plan to fix and/or mitigate the identified vulnerabilities (including people, processes and technology)
Website Security Services Analyze external websites using a variety of tools to identify vulnerabilities and suboptimal design features. Develop recommendations to improve the design, tools and features to reduce exposure to known and emergent threats
Network Security Assess internal and external networks using a combination of industry-standard automated security tools with seasoned professional judgment to quickly identify improvements and reduce the network risk profile
Secure Software Design Design secure software using platform-agnostic best practices while optimizing specific platforms to reduce risk
Enterprise Security / Risk Consulting Assess business risk and drive cultural changes for department, business unit, or enterprise. Using a methodology informed by Lean Six Sigma, assess, document findings, identify risks, create mitigation strategies, and inform leadership of broader people, process, and technology changes that can lead to a more secure business culture