DCG's ICD-10 consulting services draw on our management consultants' vast knowledge of healthcare operations and technology. Our approach focuses on implementing the capabilities for ICD-10 and developing the processes needed for your organization to benefit from the new code set.

DCG begins with a detailed assessment of all processes and technology impacted by ICD-10. These impacted areas are analyzed to determine the changes required for ICD-10 rollout. Based on the gap assessment to migrate to ICD-10, DCG will develop a prioritized project timeline, training plan, budget and resource plan.

  • Assess: Identify areas impacted by ICD-10 Conversion
  • Analyze and Plan: Analyze change required and develop prioritized timeline, training plan, budget, and resource plan
  • Execute: Manage project and prepare for training and deployment
  • Train & Deploy: Develop and deliver required training and implement process and technology changes